Baies Exquis Diffuser 100ml

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The juiciest red berries, accented with green notes of the stalks and shrubs one might find them in, framed by the earthy forest floor tones of patchouli and the glossy cashmere woods, this fragrance is for the berry addicts who've always wanted more than a mere suggestion. Tart blackcurrant is the main player, toned with a beautifying touch to bring out its best features. Wonderful for summer for the enjoyment in the present; perfect for autumn and winter to have something to hold on to in the darker months. Lounge and dining room are perfect places to enjoy the abundance.

Fragrance: Baies Exquis

Key Ingredients: Geranium, Patchouli, Blackcurrant Bud

Aroma: Woody, Fruity, Green