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Forget everything you know about regular bars of soap - our collection of soaps is not the same as those you will find on supermarket shelves. Our aromatherapy soaps offer gentle cleansing, incredible moisturisation and beautiful fragrance in one easy step, without stripping away your skin’s natural lipid barriers.

Made using natural ingredients, our soaps effectively cleanse and moisturise the skin while soothing, calming and protecting. Full of the very best ingredients, we’ve designed our soaps to restore your skin to its optimal condition and provide ongoing benefits – whilst filling the room with delightful scents.

Each of our soaps incorporates one of our coveted perfume blends, combining the purest of essential oils to relax and lift the mood. Sensational and uplifting, this range is a fantastic way to experience Parks’ exquisite collection of fragrances, perfectly captured in a beautiful luxurious bar of soap to use throughout the home. Fill your bathroom or kitchen with beautiful aromas that help you to relax while providing a lingering fragrance that your whole family will love.

Our fragrances are created from our pure natural aromatherapy essential oils, each offering different therapeutic benefits to both the mind and body. Uplifting and invigorating or decadent and pampering, relaxing and sensual or bright and energising – whatever mood you want to achieve, we have a blend that will help you to create the perfect ambience.

All of our soaps are packaged in our luxurious gift packaging, making each bar perfect for use all around the home or to give as an indulgent gift to someone you love. Sturdy boxes in beautiful complementary colours, organza and fabric ribbons, and stylish labels all make the Parks brand stand out as distinctly unique, refined and coveted. Gift one of our soaps to a discerning recipient or keep for yourself and add a little luxury to your life.

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