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100% Natural Wax

Crystal Candles

Every Parks scented candle is a 100% natural wax blend from renewable, sustainable plant-based sources -
it’s in our DNA.

A safer, more eco-friendly option, none of our products use paraffin, petroleum or palm wax, or use crops raised with synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or inorganic hormones.

Our products are made from 100% organic Soybeen and Rapeseed, making your purchases 100% guilt free!

Combined with our
coreless cleanburn technology,
our candles are renowned for their super-clean burn and consistent fragrance throw all the way down the wick.


Some companies claim Natural Wax or “with Natural Wax” on the label but it can be as little as 20%. You’ll find many candles actually made from Paraffin Wax.
A good indication of this is if the wax is coloured.

Although lauded for its versatility, we now know it’s also toxic when lit because of the carcinogens created. Learn about the difference between natural wax and paraffin wax here

Because we use 100% Natural Wax, the texture and colour can vary from time to time, but this is completely natural. Shop our candles guilt free here!