Massage Care

Massage Candle Safety Information

Parks Massage Candles

Using the purest natural ingredients (including Almond Oil and Cocoa butter) our 100% natural wax blend has been expertly formulated to provide maximum hydration and easy absorption to help soften, moisturise and nourish the skin.

Body-Safe / Paraben-Free

No sulfates, PEGs, silicone, parabens and preservatives or animal testing.

Perfect Melting Point

Melts into a luxuriant massage oil at just the right temperature.

Coreless Clean Burn

Paraffin and lead-free, with natural cotton wicks and the same Coreless Cleanburn technology as all our candles.

Directions for use:

For a fabulous pampering experience, light the candle and let the wax melt into a luxurious warm oil. When the wax pool reaches the container sides and is 1cm deep, extinguish the flame. Allow to cool to your desired temperature (at least 5 minutes). Pour the melted liquid onto the body and massage it into the skin. Repeat as required.