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Citronella Candle

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Product Code: CCCC1



Our beautifully packaged Citronella Candle is ideal for summer nights and keeps unwanted insects away.

This light summer fragrance complements long sunny evenings wherever you find yourself, whether that is relaxing on a hotel balcony or unwinding in the garden.

Top note: Lemongrass
Middle note: Citronella
Base note: Wood
Additional Information
Burn Time ≤ 32 hrs
Wicks 1
Specifications 100% Natural Wax, Coreless Cleanburn
Fill Weight 190g
Collection Compact Candles Collection
Fragrance Citronella


Looking for the citrus, zingy blend of citronella and lemongrass?

Our beautifully packaged Citronella Candle will lift your summer nights with a luscious fragrance that also keeps unwanted insects away. Whether you find yourself relaxing on a tropical balcony or unwinding in the garden, this candle is perfect for you.

A 100% natural wax scented candle, made using our Coreless Cleanburn technology, keeps the mosquitoes and midges away whilst delivering an uplifting fragrance to your home, garden or balcony.