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Our alcohol free Diffusers fill your home with the most exquisite, long-lasting fragrances to relax, calm, restore and excite. Manufactured using 100% natural products taken from renewable and sustainable sources, our diffusers are an eco-friendly way to bring our gorgeous scents to your living space, day and night. We source the highest grades of essential oils from across the globe to create our stunning perfume blends, combining beautiful ingredients that not only delight the senses but also offer their own individual health benefits.

Some of our blends have calming properties that relieve anxiety, quieten a troubled mind and help you to unwind, while others can revitalise, uplift and promote creativity. Open up one of our relaxing blends, pour yourself a glass of wine, kick back in your favourite comfy chair and drift away to far off shores – or use one of our sensual blends to soothe, set the mood and encourage both relaxation and passion. We pride ourselves in producing a luxury product that will bring a warm and tranquil atmosphere to any home, providing long-lasting positive benefits for you, your family and your guests.