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Our tantalising fruity collection features products from right across all our ranges, bringing together the very best of our fruit scents. We have blended our fruity favourites with other complementing scents for exquisite creations – perfect if you’re looking to spoil someone special (or yourself) this year.

Our Berries products are universally appealing, featuring sweet, lush and fruity scents that will liven up your living space and promote a sense of happiness. We also use Plum essential oil to add a happiness-inducing mouth-watering juicy layer to some of our blends – while taking advantage of its calming and sensuous properties.

Our Wild Fig products make use of this rich, sweet aroma that beautifully combines with Cassis and Orange Blossom for a heavenly scent that is nothing short of divine. Cassis is a beautiful, warm fruity fragrance that is both rejuvenating and uplifting. It is also thought to help stimulate the immune system and reduce susceptibility to allergies. Orange Blossom is soft and euphoric, calming nerves and uplifting the mind.

Pomegranate has a beautiful subtle fragrance and many popular designer perfumes have Pomegranate notes. Aside from its heavenly scent, it has been dubbed ‘nature’s power fruit’, thanks to its potential healing properties. Full of antioxidants, Pomegranate essential oil is thought to help support the immune system and to have balancing and protective qualities. Pear is similarly rich in antioxidants and has a delicious sweet fragrance reminiscent of sweet ripe pears and lush greenery.

Each of our fruity candles and perfume diffusers has been designed and crafted at our factory in rural Hartlebury to the highest standards. We use the very best, high-quality sustainable ingredients, without the use of pesticides or toxins, and we do not test our products on animals. Enjoy the delectable scents of our fruity collection that will leave you feeling rested, refreshed and revitalised.