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Our fresh collection includes a wide selection of products across our whole range that feature some of our most uplifting scents. Each scent captures a delightful scent that makes us feel happy, excited and inspired. Our beautiful fresh products include candles made from our 100% natural wax blend and diffusers designed to fill your home with stunning aromas, uplifting your mood and promoting positivity.

Basil features heavily in our fresh collection - this incredible essential oil refreshes the mind, invigorates both body and spirit, and helps to restore mental alertness.

Lemongrass is also a popular ingredient in our fresh blends - this smells quite similar to lemon, but it is milder and sweeter. Lemongrass essential oil is often used to relieve aches, pains and headaches resulting from illness. It has an uplifting effect that can boost confidence, instil hope, bolster mental strength and fight against depression.

We use Mint essential oil as part of many blends, not only for its delightful fresh scent but also for its ability to offer a mental pick-me-up. Its fragrant aroma is exceptional for relieving mental fatigue.

Rosemary features in many of our products – in addition to having a mesmerising aroma, this popular essential oil has a wide array of health benefits. Rosemary is thought to enhance mental energy and can help to clear the respiratory tract. Rosemary is also exceptionally good at clearing unwanted odours.

We also use both Green Tea and White Tea essential oils in numerous products – Green Tea is excellent for creating a soothing environment, whilst the refreshing scent of White Tea elevates the senses and helps to restore vitality.

Each of our exceptional, high-quality fresh-fragranced products is manufactured with love and care at our factory in Hartlebury – making them the perfect gifts for friends and family.