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This collection brings together products from across our whole range that feature your favourite citrus fragrances. You’ll find a large range of candles and perfume diffusers with zesty citrus scents to refresh your home, uplift your mood and brighten your day.

Tangerine essential oil comes from the fruit’s peel and is used widely to heal, purify and promote health.

Orange and Lime essential oils are amongst the most popular citrus fragrances – Orange is used for its calming, uplifting properties and Lime is known to purify and cleanse.

The gorgeous aroma of Mandarin essential oil promotes a sense of joy and happiness while imparting a wealth of benefits. Mandarin is not only uplifting, but also helps to calm the nerves.

Bergamot is featured in more of our products than any other citrus scent. Bergamot is a citrus fruit and the oil is extracted from its rind. It is used widely to reduce depression and to relieve anxiety and stress. It has a relaxing effect which can also help to reduce muscle tension.

Verbena essential oil comes from the leaves and stalks of the Verbena shrub and it has a distinctive lemony smell. It has an uplifting effect and is perfect for cheering you up if you’re feeling a little low or weary.

Lemon essential oil is a popular choice for those looking to uplift the mind and combat any negative emotions. This refreshing fragrance is thought to cleanse, purify and refresh, bringing brightness and wellbeing to every corner of your home.

Our citrus fragrances are combined with other beautiful scents to create exciting blends that can relax the body, stimulate the mind and promote a sense of positivity in your home.