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Our beautiful fresh fragrances are designed to fill your home with stunning aromas, uplifting your mood and promoting positivity. Each fragrance is curated to make you feel happy, excited and inspired.

Each of our exceptional, high-quality products are made with love and care at our factory in Hartlebury. Using 100% natural wax in our candles and alcohol-free liquids in our diffusers, you can shop guilt free!

These also make perfect gifts for friends and family - giving the greatest present of all - positivity and happiness.

Basil features heavily in our fresh collection, used to refresh the mind, invigorate both body and spirit, this incredible essential oil helps to restore mental alertness.

Lemongrass is also popular in our fresh blends. Similar to lemon, but milder and sweeter, this essential oil is often used to relieve aches, pains and headaches. Its uplifting effect boosts confidence, instils hope, bolsters mental strength and fights against depression.

Mint is evocative of freshness, and we use for its ability to offer a mental pick-me-up. This fragrance aroma is exceptional for relieving mental fatigue.

Want to clear unwanted odours? Try something with Rosemary! In addition to its mesmerising aroma, this essential oil has a wide array of health benefits - enhancing mental energy and helping clear the respiratory tract.

Showing 1-24 of 38 results


Showing 1-24 of 38 results