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Massage has incredible health benefits – it can improve the circulation, reduce joint pain and stiffness, increase movement, reduce muscular tension, provide relief from stress, relieve fatigue and help the body to detox. Our massage candles liquefy into body-safe, paraben-free massage oils that provide real health benefits.


Our Relax massage candle has been specifically designed to create a sense of serenity. Beautifully fragranced with pure extracts of calming Lavender, Camomile and Geranium, you’ll find yourself peacefully drifting to a tranquil place while your aches, pains and stresses are gently massaged away. Or try our Invigorate massage candle is for weary souls who need healing and rejuvenating. Kick back and enjoy your massage while breathing in the delicious aroma of Mandarin, Mint and Rosemary leaving you feeling bright and energised.


All our massage candles are presented in luxurious presentation boxes making them ideal for both gifting and own use.

Burn Time
  1. 3 uses (6)
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  1. Massage Candle (6)
Candle Wicks
  1. 1 Wick (6)

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