Diffuser Care

Diffuser Safety Information

Reed diffusers are a passive way to scent a room. They diffuse constantly, are long lasting, and due to their low maintenance and flame-free nature can be left un-attended to fragrance any space.

Set up

Place the reeds that come with your reed diffuser into the bottle to absorb the diffuser oil. Let the fragrance oil absorb into the reeds, and naturally diffuse the scent into the room. The fragrance will continue to evaporate into the air around it, creating a constant ambiance.


Aside from flipping the reeds once every few weeks to ensure the reeds do not become over-saturated with fragrance and dust, you don’t need to do anything special to look after your diffuser.

Scent Boost

If you want a quick burst of scent, flip the reeds over. When turning the reeds, take care to protect the surface the diffuser is on; using a paper towel to ensure no liquid is dripped onto the surface or floor, and make sure you wipe the bottom of the vessel before you put it back onto the surface in case any liquid runs down the side of the bottle. If you use your reed diffuser on wooden surfaces, we suggest placing them on a protective surface or a drinks coaster as essential oils and fragrances can leave marks.

Subtler scent

If you like a subtler scent or are using your reed diffuser in a smaller room, you can use fewer reeds to diffuse the fragrance more slowly. You will receive 8 reeds in your gift box – use all 8 reeds if you like a stronger fragrance, or between 5-7 reeds for a subtler aroma.

Alcohol Free

Parks reed diffusers do not contain alcohol – which makes them easy and safe to transport even when travelling.

Getting the best from your diffuser

There are some extra factors which will affect the longevity of your diffuser, for example, if kept in a warm area the heat will draw the fragrance through the reeds quicker – so perhaps avoid placing above a radiator – and avoid placing the diffuser in direct sunlight as this will damage the scent and cause it to evaporate more quickly.

• Draughts and breezes can also cause the diffuser oil to be spread more quickly – so open windows should also be avoided.

• Diffusers should be kept on a higher shelf or surface, well out of reach of children and animals.

• Take care not to spill a diffuser, as the liquid can cause damage to surfaces – and it should definitely not be ingested.

• Now you know how to get the best out of your diffuser, choose your favourite fragrance and enjoy!