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100% Natural wax
100% Natural wax Hand poured with the finest ingredients
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For clean-burning, 100% natural wax, scented candles with a consistently strong fragrance

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Have you ever wondered why some candles burn un-evenly (tunnelling), produce soot or don’t give a strong, consistent fragrance?

One of the main reasons is when you’re making candles, it’s difficult to keep a piece of string upright and central in liquid wax.


If you’ve ever tried making candles at home you’ll know there are all kinds of solutions to this.

But pencils, lollipop sticks and clothes pegs aren’t very practical for making thousands of candles

Manufacturers often solve this problem by using a fragrance-free “core”

(basically a fragrance-free candle which stays upright whilst the fragrance/wax mix is being poured)

Sometimes you can just about see it
Sometimes you can just about see it

This has the advantage of a strong scent before the first burn (for example in a store or when receiving a gift) because the top pour has an undiluted fragrance/wax mix.


However, once the flame burns down to the core, it’s fuelled from two sources - the standard fragrance/wax mix and the fragrance-free core. This can create two problems ;


1. Tunnelling The fragrance-free core and fragrance/wax mix can melt at different rates/ temperatures. When the core melts faster you get “tunnelling”.

2. A weaker or at best, inconsistent fragrance dispersion. The wax in the fragrance-free core further dilutes and weakens the fragrance in the fragrance/wax.

for consistently strong fragrance throw and a super-clean burn insist on

Coreless Cleanburn Technology

Coreless Cleanburn Technology