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Velvet Tuberose Candle

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Product Code: PARCNCR3WK540VT
The Velvet Tuberose candle is a sultry fragrance originating from the Mexican tuberose plant. Intoxicating darkness of the tuberose flower envelopes your senses with an elixir of heat, spice and fruitiness. Blended with hints of ylang ylang and geranium, giving added texture to the musky, botanical scent.

Top Note: Peach
Middle Notes: Tuberose and Jasmine
Base Note: Nutmeg
Additional Information
Burn Time ≤ 52 hrs
Wicks 3
Specifications 100% Natural Wax, Coreless Cleanburn
Fill Weight 660g
Collection Ceramics
Fragrance Velvet Tuberose


Seductive and scintillating, the Velvet Tuberose candle is a decadent fragrance of warmth, spice and musk. It'll transport you to an extravagant ball or sultry cocktail party, dressed up in velvet and decorated in jewels.

The candle’s elegant Nordic style accentuates the beauty of your mantelpiece, coffee table or kitchen. With a generous burn time, you can burn our 3-wick statement piece whether you’re entertaining important guests or enjoying an evening relaxing. Give yourself the aroma of indulgence and treat your home to glamour.

With dimmed lights and hushed tones, this Velvet Tuberose candle is a symbol of style and romance.