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Lily of the Valley Room Spray

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Happy, sweet, and floral—just one spritz of this beautiful room spray brings the refreshing and mood-lifting fragrance of lily of the valley into your home.

Supplied in a luxury presentation gift box

Additional Information
Specifications Natural Room Spray
Usage 12-14 wks
Collection Room Spray


Sometimes called the May lily, ‘Our Lady's tears’, or ‘Jacobs Ladder’, the pretty little white bell-shaped flowers of this fragrant plant are familiar to everyone. It is native to Europe, and in England, it is mysteriously abundant in some areas while relatively unknown in others. It often grows in extensive patches in the dryer parts of the wood, although true to its name, it can also be found in the valley! It has inspired a number of legends and its exquisite fragrance is said to ‘draw the nightingale from hedge and bush, and lead him to choose his mate in the recesses of the glade.’

Aside from its fascinating history and captivating fragrance, lily of the valley offers a number of perceived health benefits. This prized fragrance is known to aid relaxation, imbue calmness, and help to restore inner peace.

Bring this intoxicating floral fragrance to your home with the purest of essential oils, captured in a convenient room spray that disperses a heavenly, lingering scent in every room. Unlike other so-called ‘air fresheners’, our natural room sprays are made without chemicals or toxins that can be harmful to your family’s health.

Our Lily of the Valley Room Spray comes in a smart clear and black bottle featuring the Parks iconic branding. The bottle is presented in a sleek white luxury carton with a smart black trim, making the ultimate stylish gift.