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fine fragrance

Rose With Violet & Lemon Diffuser

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Product Code: D02/100



This luxury 100ml room diffuser features a wonderfully-nostalgic fragrance that combines the heavenly scent of violets and roses with uplifting fresh lemon and musky base notes. Choose this captivating scent to invoke positive thought, aid your spiritual relaxation, and promote feelings of happiness, joy, and hope in your home.

Size: 100ml
Usage: 6-8 weeks
Reeds: 23cm
Bottle Height: 8cm
Bottle Diameter: 8cm

Supplied in a luxury presentation gift box

Additional Information
Specifications 100% Alcohol Free
Usage 6-8 wks
Collection Fine Fragrance


Succumb to the sweet floral overtones of sought-after violet, a highly-prized essential oil known for its calming and comforting properties. This delightful scent is known to ease headaches and migraines while helping to reduce anxiety and remove nervous exhaustion. For those suffering with never-ending colds and sniffles, violet can be very effective in relieving respiratory congestion, unblocking sinuses, and even helping to calm sore throats. Violet is also thought to increase spirituality and offer protection to those who are hypersensitive or shy.

Romantic rose adds to this exciting blend—with its stunning fragrance and wealth of apparent health-boosting properties. Not just a pretty scent, rose is also believed to boost self-esteem, improve confidence, and bolster mental strength while alleviating depression. Lie back, unwind, and enjoy all the benefits of this sensuous fragrance as you feel your body relax, your mood lift, and your anxieties simply melt away.

Refreshing lemon brings balance to this remarkable blend. Well-known for its uplifting qualities, it adds a beautiful sparkling note to the sophisticated fragrance. Cleansing and purifying, lemon refreshes both body and mind while supporting brain energy and improving concentration.

This unique and exciting essential oil blend is captured in an attractive natural reed diffuser and presented in stylish luxury gift packaging—perfect for showing someone special that you care.