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parks premium gift set

Premium Gift Set Wild Fig 3 Votive Candles & Diffuser

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Product Code: GS02
Our premier wild fig, cassis, and orange blossom gift set is supplied in an elegant presentation box, containing a 100ml bottle of our finest diffuser blend, diffuser cup, and several all-natural reed diffuser wands, which work their subtle magic day and night to fill your home or work space with this lovely, invigorating scent.

Includes 3 votive candles and diffuser.

Supplied in a luxury presentation gift box

Additional Information
Wicks 1
Usage 6-8 wks
Collection Parks Premium Gift Set


Wild fig offers a unique combination of sweet, bitter, and fruity notes. The scent has been likened to mint in many ways, but is much richer, earthier, and even has a hint reminiscent of jasmine. It is a calming scent that relaxes, whilst also enticing you with a slight piquancy.

Cassis, more commonly called blackcurrant in the UK, has long been cultivated throughout Europe. Its scent is lively and reminiscent of youth, and is said to help bring harmony and balance to any space, physical, or emotional. It also acts as a binder aromatically, bridging the gap between the other main ingredients perfectly.

Orange blossom essential oil, also called neroli oil, is derived from the fresh flowers of the bitter orange tree. It is sweet and spicy, and has been used for centuries in perfumes, lotions, and even foods for that reason.

The combination conjures images of late summer afternoons in the Mediterranean countryside, with warm earth, soft green foliage, and a cool drink by your side.

This premium blended scent comes in a lovely gift box with a reed infuser pot, a bundle of all-natural reed infuser wands, and everything you need to change the mood of your home for 6-8 weeks.