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White Diffuser

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Product Code: DM08

Inspired by the colour white, this Moods Therapy Luxury Perfume Diffuser is fragranced with a unique blend of gardenia, lotus flower, hibiscus and orchid - exotic floral fragrances that combine to create a tangible sense of calm and serenity. The result is clean, pure and lingering; perfect for creating a tranquil and inviting space in your home.

Size: 250ml
Usage: 12-14 weeks
Reeds: 27cm
Bottle Height: 15cm
Bottle Diameter: 6cm

Supplied in a luxury presentation gift box

Additional Information
Specifications 100% Alcohol Free
Usage 12-14 wks
Collection Moods


White represents the utmost in purity and cleanliness, and is universally acknowledged as the colour of serenity, peace and tranquillity. In crafting this luxury perfume diffuser, our highly skilled perfumers have sought out the finest ingredients which capture and embody the colour white - from its purity to its calmness.

To create the 'scent of white', we went first to the exotic lotus flower. Popular in the Far East, where it's held sacred as one of the precious things of Buddhism, lotus flower emits a heady, sweet and fruity fragrance, creating an ideal top note. To this, we added the bright floral notes of gardenia and hibiscus, creating a pure and sweet scent profile.

Orchid was then added to the bouquet to balance and refine this blend, giving the scent a creamy, spicy base note that is not dissimilar to vanilla. This helps to bring a sense of calm, depth and purity to the scent, for a wonderful and inspiring fragrance that will enhance any room of your home.

The White Moods Luxury Perfume Diffuser is part of our exclusive Colour Therapy collection, featuring wonderful scents that are inspired by the power and influence of colour. The diffuser incorporates the finest scents, and is complemented by natural rattan sticks that help to deliver the long-lasting fragrance for up to 14 weeks.