Limited Edition 1/1

"Bullet Lens" Vase
Parks Original Scented Candle

c1955 Rudolf Schrötter "Bullet Vase" Parks Original scented candle

Something of an icon for us, there's nothing quite like the original bullet vase with lens cuts. Designed by Rudolf Schrötter for the Rosice factory of Sklo Union in 1955, it's a fabulous example of some of the outstanding designs in glass coming out of post-war Czechoslovakia. Schrotters bullet vase was made in two sizes and this is a lovely example of the larger, 200m tall version. Up-cycling it into a Parks Original was a joy and mesmerised the Atelier team during burn testing with the unique way it's sculpted amber glass warms then plays with scattering candlelight.

Fragrance: Parks Original