We’ve always loved the different ways to beautifully scent your home. Through a vast range of fragrances - from the summery effervesce of Royal Neroli to the sumptuous, golden warmth of Bourbon & Maple, but also from a selection of different methods; candles, room sprays and reed diffusers.

Luxury reed diffuser

Reed diffusers are rising in popularity as effective alternative to other forms of home fragrance such as scented candles. Where a candle will envelop your home in a wave of scent and to create an ambience with its golden light, reed diffusers offer a more subtle and atmospheric aroma where you may not necessarily want the ambience a candle gives.

We love reed diffusers as much as a scented candles or room sprays. In this post we want to tell you a bit more about how to get the very best from reed diffusers, a few tips on how to use them as well as what makes reed diffusers such an essential part of fragrancing your home.

How do Reed Diffusers Work?

Reed diffusers work in a very simple and effective way. Reeds are dipped into a base (sometimes called a carrier) liquid that’s been blended with fragrance. The many channels inside the reeds allow the blended liquid to be absorbed up the length of the reed and their porous nature diffuses the scent in to the air. It’s that simple and the result is a subtle odour that adds ambience to the home.

Aromatherapy reed diffuser

What are the Benefits of a Reed Diffuser?

They are Longer Lasting

Reed diffusers scent much slower than candles. A 250ml diffuser, depending on temperature and humidity can fragrance a space for as long as 12 weeks.

They Scent Your Home More Gently

Because they diffuse more slowly than a candle, reed diffusers provide a more subtle aroma. Making them great for smaller spaces or in rooms where you want a more delicate scent.

Alcohol Free

All Parks reed diffusers use an alcohol-free base.

No Flame, No aerosol, No Power, No Residue

A reed diffuser is one of the simplest of home fragrance products. It doesn’t need a flame to work (so no need to keep an eye on it). No aerosols, and requires no power to work. Simply place the reeds in the fragrance and you are good to go. What’s more, reed diffusers leave behind no residue so you can leave them to diffuse scent and not worry about anything at all.

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How to Take Care of Your Reed Diffuser

Pick the Best Place for Your Reed Diffuser

To get the most out of your reed diffuser we suggest you place it somewhere with good air flow, perhaps near a vent or a window. A good air flow ensures the fragrance fills the space, scenting the entire room with the fragrance of your choice. Be careful not to place your diffuser too close though. As being right in front of/or next to an open window or vent may speed up the evaporation of the fragrance.

Don’t forget about the fragrance/room combination

It’s also important to think about which fragrance should go in which room at your home. Because different smells work differently in different environments.

In the living room…

…you can get away with something a little bit more cosy - a diffuser that exudes sweetness and warmth. Our pick is Vanilla, which recreates the sweet, floral scent of freshly-pressed vanilla pods in all their plush glory - perfect to cuddle up to.

In the kitchen…

…you will be fighting with many cooking smell. So it’s best to go for something that isn’t too similar or clashes with these odours. We advise you avoid diffusers with a spicy or gourmand fragranc. Because they can intensify the cooking odours already in your kitchen. We like to use Baies Exquis in the kitchen because its juicy blend of tart blackcurrant and elegant rose cuts through the kitchen smells to make for a surprisingly fresh ambience.

In the bathroom…

…you will want something fresh and clean. It’s best to avoid fruit or berry notes because they can amplify unwanted bathroom odours and therefore, citrus and marine fragrances tend to work well. We like to use Orange, Black Pepper, Cedarwood and Basil in the bathroom because it’s bracingly fresh, with a soft, spicy aura that feels natural and clean.

What to do when your diffuser isn’t working

After a while, you may notice that your reed diffuser isn’t giving off as much fragrance as before. This normally means it’s time for a refresh, and all you need to do is take the reeds out and turn them over. So the dry end is now dipped into the fragranced base. By doing this, you’re giving the reeds a chance to diffuse more oil and ultimately, diffuse more fragrance.

Parks offers an extensive range of alcohol-free reed diffusers, each containing a high concentration of beautiful home fragrance. For more information and to browse our entire collection of reed diffusers, click here.