It's the time of year when the sun starts to peek through the clouds, and gardens, big and small, burst lavishly into life. We're spending a lot more time at home currently, so this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your outside space and appreciate spring in all its glory. Why not try a bit of planting, hang a bird feeder to attract new visitors or bring your daily workout outdoors? And, if your outdoor space is not abundant with scented blooms, we've picked out a few scents for your garden to help...

Ceramic scented candle in garden with Glass of Wine

Set the mood at dinner

It's warm enough now to enjoy a family meal outside. Our statement 3-wick candles are the perfect way to make an everyday meal feel extra special. Our Ceramic Collection is ideal for the garden, housed in tactile ceramic vessels with a stylish wooden lid.

Light our sweet smelling Blue Hyacinth candle and fill your garden with the warmth of aromatic hyacinths. A symbol of springtime, they're paired beautifully with leafy stocks, fragrant honey and dewy greenery.

Make time to relax

For some much-needed downtime, head outside with a good book and one of our smaller 1-wick candles. Our White Jasmine candle reminds you of a gentle summer breeze, heady with the delicate scent of pure jasmine flowers. Alternatively, try Honeysuckle Bloom, with its sweet notes of nectar and honeysuckle, blended with fresh green leaves and zesty citronella - giving you a real sense of the approaching summer.

Citronella scented candle in garden

Deter unwanted guests

Don't let pesky insects spoil your time outside! Our Citronella candle is perfect for warmer evenings. It'll keep unwanted guests away and fill your garden with light summer fragrance.

Drift away on a scented journey

A small outside space, such as a patio or balcony, is all the more reason to experiment with scent. Light our Summer Breeze candle and be whisked away to a beautiful expansive garden. Rich with the smell of freshly cut grass and the unmistakable notes of delicate lemony rose, jasmine and honeysuckle.

Or, try Lavender Haze for a scenic stroll through a Provencal lavender field. Relax with soft lavender, combined with hints of crushed pine needle shoots and warm woody undertones.

Whether you're inside or out, we have the perfect fragrance to relax you, lift your mood or help you focus. For more beautiful scents for your garden, view our full Ceramic and Compact Candles ranges here.