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  1. Fragrance Families Explained - Floral

    Fragrance Families Explained - Floral
    Day 3 - Floral Fragrances Florals make up the largest group of the Fragrance Families, with many beautiful blooms turned into wonderful perfume. It takes a lot of flower heads to create a floral oil, would it surprise you to...... Read More
  2. Fragrance Families Explained - Spicy

    Fragrance Families Explained - Spicy
    Day 2 - Spicy To add a little ‘heat’ to home scenting, the Spicy Fragrance Family is where you’ll find it. Warm, sensuous and full of character, spice notes weave a rich and intriguing thread through any fragrance, adding a...... Read More
  3. Fragrance Families Explained

    Fragrance Families Explained
    If you've had your nose in the fragrance world for any length of time, before long you hear the term 'Fragrance Families'. We tend to nod our heads, knowingly, and might be able to guess what 'Citrus' refers to, but...... Read More
  4. Perfumed Pricing: How can I tell what makes good scents?

    Perfumed Pricing: How can I tell what makes good scents?
    It's a world that's been shrouded in mystery and romance for hundreds of years - how can one bottle of perfume cost £20, another £150? Is it the perfumer, ingredients or packaging that justifies the price? Surely it's just down...... Read More

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