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  1. Our Fragrance Pairing Guide

    Our Fragrance Pairing Guide
    You may have heard about the layering concept in perfume, where two fragrances are worn together to create a new olfactory experience. Did you know this also works for home fragrance and it helps create a new atmosphere in your home, creating a bespoke experience unlike any other. It's so easy and to help, we've picked out some of our favourite fragrance pairings for different rooms of your home. Continue reading →... Read More
  2. 4 Tips to Get Rid of Cooking Smells

    4 Tips to Get Rid of Cooking Smells
    Warm, fluffy pancakes drizzled with lemon juice and dusted with sugar... Shrove Tuesday (or pancake day) has us thinking about food... Whether you're making pancakes tonight or now, we know sometimes cooking fragrances overstay their welcome. Ever wonder how to use home fragrances to get rid of cooking smells? Here are four of our top tips for a delightfully fragranced cooking experience: pancake with sugar being flipped Continue reading →... Read More
  3. Introducing our Limited Edition 10-Wick Candle

    Introducing our Limited Edition 10-Wick Candle
    This 10 wick candle really is an indulgence - it brings fragrance into your home and makes a statement at the same time. These are candles that do not hide, in fact, they demand to be the centre of attention, begging pride of place as the centrepiece. Continue reading →... Read More

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