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  1. The Smell of Creativity

    The Smell of Creativity
    We recently spoke to the hugely inspiring illustrator and mental health expert Amberlee Green, founder of Line & Honey. Amberlee brings a sense of intentional and inclusive wellbeing to her softly reflective artwork, by visualising what healthy wellness can look...... Read More
  2. Room by Room with Award Winning Fragrance Journalist Amanda Carr

    Room by Room with Award Winning Fragrance Journalist Amanda Carr
    Award winning journalist Amanda Carr spends most of her time looking into the future as a fragrance trend forecaster for global experts WGSN. When she’s not predicting what’s coming next for the the world of perfume, she writes about the...... Read More
  3. To Diffuse or Burn?

    To Diffuse or Burn?
    Should you fill your house with candles or surreptitiously place scented diffusers? We've all seen those glossy magazine features, where mansions are filled with massive candles scenting every surface. But in the real world our homes (and fragrance needs) come...... Read More
  4. Fragrance Families Explained

    Fragrance Families Explained
    If you've had your nose in the fragrance world for any length of time, before long you hear the term 'Fragrance Families'. We tend to nod our heads, knowingly, and might be able to guess what 'Citrus' refers to, but...... Read More
  5. Making Sense of Layering Scents

    Making Sense of Layering Scents
    Have you ever dreamed of a perfumer creating a bespoke fragrance for you? In reality, that kind of ultra-luxury service can cost many thousands of pounds and take several years to complete. But don't despair, because the power to create...... Read More

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