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  1. Tips & Tricks: How to Get the Best from Your Candle

    Tips & Tricks: How to Get the Best from Your Candle
    Have a look at some candles you've burned recently. Can you spot any of these tell-tale signs...? 'Tunnelling' (the wax doesn't melt evenly)The wick keeps getting buriedIt burns more on side than the otherSooty marks on the containerFragrance isn't diffusing as you'd hoped Most people can comfortably admit to not...... Read More
  2. Our Fragrance Pairing Guide

    Our Fragrance Pairing Guide
    You may have heard about the layering concept in perfume, where two fragrances are worn together to create a new olfactory experience. Did you know this also works for home fragrance and it helps create a new atmosphere in your home, creating a bespoke experience unlike any other. It's so easy and to help, we've picked out some of our favourite fragrance pairings for different rooms of your home. Continue reading →... Read More
  3. 5 Tips to Keep Your Energy Levels High

    5 Tips to Keep Your Energy Levels High
    Find it hard to always stay focused? Working from home means so many more distractions, making it just a bit more difficult to stay 110% focused. We thought we'd share some tips we've learned over the years about maintaining focus and keeping energy levels high whilst working. Also, because fragrances are really our strong suit, we've included a few suggestions on which scents you need to make each of these tips even better! Continue reading →... Read More

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