1. Back to Basics Happiness

    Back to Basics Happiness
    During times like these, we all need a little pick me up. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. A good book, a belly-laugh, or a warm bath with scented candles are often all it takes to help escape your stress. We've come up with five simple pleasures to make all your senses happy. Continue reading →... Read More
  2. What are Reed Diffusers?

    What are Reed Diffusers?
    We’ve always loved the different ways to beautifully scent your home. Through a vast range of fragrances - from the summery effervesce of Royal Neroli to the sumptuous, golden warmth of Bourbon & Maple, but also from a selection of different methods; candles, room sprays and reed diffusers. Continue reading →... Read More
  3. Fragrance Facts: The Uses of Lemongrass Oil

    Fragrance Facts: The Uses of Lemongrass Oil
    Lemongrass may be a common component of Asian cuisine, its smoky citrus aroma adding satisfying fragrance to a variety of Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese dishes. But it’s also highly prized as an essential oil. Used for centuries to purify the skin, eliminate odour-causing bacteria, and promote digestive health when taken orally. Continue reading →... Read More

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