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  1. Five (not so) Easy Pieces

    Five (not so) Easy Pieces
    281 years of craftsmanship, 14 artisans and 630 hours in 5 unique, hand-blown, hand-cut crystal "couture" candles   “Would a diamond cut make it dance?". You can never be sure exactly what’ll happen when two teams of craftsmen come together...... Read More
  2. Burn Testing: What is it - and Why Should I Care?

    Burn Testing: What is it - and Why Should I Care?
    If you hang around Parks HQ, you'd think we're obsessed with 'burn testing' prototypes. But it's easy for us to forget not everyone knows how or why it's so important. What is it? Simply put, if you're passionate about creating...... Read More
  3. What Do Warning Signs Actually Mean?

    What Do Warning Signs Actually Mean?
    What do a dead fish, a man with an exploding chest and a skull have in common? Apart from possibly appearing in the surrealist paintings of Salvador Dali, they're all warning symbols you can find on CLP - Classification, Labelling...... Read More
  4. Behind the Scenes of our 100% Natural Wax Candles

    Behind the Scenes of our 100% Natural Wax Candles
    Ever wondered how we make our 100% natural wax candles? Today we're giving you a little sneak peak into our 33,000 sqft production facility. Please note this video was taking prior to COVID19. We pride ourselves in developing cutting edge processes to produce at a large scale, whilst also maintaining the high quality and craftsmanship found in our products. Continue reading →... Read More
  5. A Brief History of Candle Making

    A Brief History of Candle Making
    Humble as they may seem, candles have a long and storied history. From Roman Italy to the Qin Dynasty of ancient China. Civilisation has relied on candles for thousands of years, and many great thinkers across the world have contributed to candle making as we know it today. Parks: Perfecting the Candle With the growing popularity of candles, Parks has made it our mission to perfect the candle, combining our expertise in engineering with the technical know-how of our perfumers to create new and beautiful scented candles. We started by balancing our wax blend through a years’-long trial-and-error process, with our insistence on a clean and even burn. Every fragrance is thoroughly tested to ensure the burn is clean, the flame is a safe height, and the wick is the correct thickness. With every batch, we re-test to ensure this clean and even burn in all our candles. This dedication means that we have truly perfected the art of making scented candles. Continue reading →... Read More

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