During times like these, we all need a little pick me up. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. A good book, a belly-laugh, or a warm bath with scented candles are often all it takes to help escape your stress.

We've come up with five simple pleasures to make all your senses happy.

1. Create a Positive Playlist

Music can have an enormous effect on your emotional state. So, why not create a playlist of uplifting songs that make you smile and pop your headphones on whenever you need to? Whether it be cheesy hits, classical concentration or rejuvenating jazz, turn the volume up, escape from reality and enjoy!

2. Set the Scene

Make sure your living space is positive and pleasing to the sight. Get your hands on a bouquet of flowers (real or fake, we won't tell), put on some relaxing background music and a zesty, uplifting diffuser. The perfect backdrop whilst you tuck into a healthy, energising breakfast!

3. Savour some Delicious Chocolate

This sounds almost too good to be true, but it is! Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content has been found to have a feel-good effect. So, pop the kettle on and tuck into UK-based Land Chocolate's 75% Philippines Dark Chocolate (£5.50), or Choco Larder's delivious Milot Farm 80% Dark (£5.00), for a real treat.

4. Stop and Smell the Roses...

... or newly laundered bed sheets. Uplifting scents really can make all the difference, and fresh smelling sheets are high up on the list of things positively impacting your wellbeing. You just have to take the time to notice them. If this week's laundry is far down your long 'To Do' list, feel free to cheat with our Linen Fresh Candle. We won't breathe a word!

5. Feel the Fragrant Bubbles

Shake the day off with a relaxing bath with all your favourite essential oils and one or two divinely scented candles. Our Rosarium SPA Candle transports you to a summer rose garden, perfect for bath-time bliss.

Feeling relaxed? We hope so. And if there's still a touch of tension left, don't forget to check out our soothing Spa Range and our pampering Massage Candles, for a restful Spa experience in your own home.