There's a lot going on in the world right now, and sometimes, it's not easy to always be in control of our moods. But, if you need a little guidance, we have some suggestions to manage and inspire any mood.

How do you want to feel?

Need an uplift?

Feeling down or a little anxious? Escape from reality for just a moment... Close your eyes, imagine being surrounded by juicy fruits on a summer's day. Did you know fruity notes are one of the most effective mood-boosters?

Evoking a lush garden on a warm summer's day, our Cassis Candle brings the joy of summer into your home. Ripe figs and blackcurrants glisten under the sun, ready to burst with delicious sweetness. It brightens any atmosphere with its tough of lemon and hint of orange blossom, all blended together to create a blissful scent of happiness.

Need a booster?

After a long, tiring day working from home, sometimes it's difficult to have the energy to conquer the rest of your to-do list. Coffee may do the trick, but what about filling your home with energising fragrances?

Mineral and vitamin-filled, citrus fruits bring and sustain life. Filled with zingy and electric scents, even just the fragrance wakes you up! Paired with the exotic blooms of jasmine in our Grapefruit and Jasmine Diffuser, the citrus will re-fresh and revitalise. Sparkling with brilliant, zesty intensity, it's like a jolt to the soul!

Need peace and serenity?

Things a bit hectic juggling parent-life and work life? If you can't take some time for yourself, let our soothing scents bring some serenity into your home.

When we want a moment of bliss, we always turn to our signature scent - Parks Original. Relaxing and calming, it's built around a core of lavender, creating a tranquil and serene environment. With earthly hints of patchouli and the warmth of vanilla, it'll soothe and bring peace into your home.

Feeling sultry?

Sometimes feeling chipper isn't always the answer, sometimes you want to set more of a sultry, seductive mood...

Smoky, intense and rich, enter our Oud Candle! Warm, resinous and smouldering, this candle creates a heady and intoxicating air that bubbles with expectation - making you feel that something dramatic and exciting is just a breath away.

Our Aromatherapy Collection was created to help you find the same exquisite scents Aromatherapy professionals prescribed, advised or used themselves. Each product is richly fragrances with high-quality scents representing each and every positive mood you could hope for.

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