Though the nights are longer and much, much colder, winter's still one of our most beautiful seasons. Stark and bold scents - crisp winter air, cosy fire-side nights and the delight of hearty dinners warming the soul.

To bring some Winter Wonder into your home, we've rounded up a selection of our favourite winter scents...

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By the Fire

One of life's great pleasures - curling up in front of a roaring open fire. Waves of warmth, hypnotic flames, glowing embers, and soft,crackling sounds... Perfect relaxation. The best part? The fragrances: smoky embers of wood and hints of ash and stone.

Our By the Fire candle impeccably captures that idyllic fireside ambience we all know and love. Indulge in the smoky birch and spicy cedarwood. Perfectly balanced with oakmoss and patchouli for an earthy, airy touch.

The ultimate comfort!

Frosted Berries

Whilst beside the roaring fire, feel the comforting bliss as aromas of winter berries and spice fill the air. Light our Frosted Berries candle. Create a nostalgic and welcoming ambience. Lift your spirits on the coldest and darkest of nights.

Through the juiciness of blackcurrant and red-currants, contrasted with fiery cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice - our Frosted Berries candle evokes winter. Softly exuding a comforting aura whilst dancing in a lively manner with the vibrancy of fruit and spice, it's a real treat!

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One of the most multi-faceted materials in perfumery, Frankincense blends warm, resinous facets with cold, silvery nuances. Distinctly luxurious, it's often burned in the Middle East to fill homes with waves of its glorious, signature scents.

Radiating shimmering streams of golden incense, our Frankincense candle brings this ancient, noble material into your home. Icy cold outside? Light our candle and find yourself in Oman's expansive deserts. Fill your home with the glorious fragrance of the finest Frankincense.

Warm up with our Winter Wonders Collection here.

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