100% Natural wax candle. Cosy up for autumn with your favourite book

After the abundance of sun, warmth and Vitamin D bestowed upon us during the months of summer. Nature continues to reward us with a plethora of beauty as autumn draws in. Staging a final curtain call before the harshness of winter takes hold.

With this transition between seasons everything changes from the colours we see, to the odours we smell, and the things we do. In summer we spend our time outside, soaking up the sun. However, during autumn we start to place ourselves inside, looking out at the world around us. It’s at this time that we start to seek comfort in shelter, and in warmth.

But what does autumn smell like? If summer is freshly cut grass, symphonies of flowers and mouthwatering citrus cocktails, clean linen and classic colognes, what is autumn? Autumn is a rich tapestry of smells. From the wet, earthy scent of fallen leaves, to the hot, woody aroma of chimney smoke. Autumn is the season of cosiness, of watching the changing of the seasons from the comfort of a warm home. It’s the season of blankets, numerous cups of tea, and perhaps the occasional hot toddy.

In the spirit of the season, we’ve grouped together some of our favourite autumnal fragrances. With a selection of scented candles that perfectly capture the wonderful array of scents that make autumn such a sensory delight.

Smoke and Woods

Autumn is the smokiest of the seasons. It’s the time of year where we light our fires and relax in front of them, soaking in the warmth (one of life’s great pleasures). On a chilly, autumnal evening, you can take a walk outside and be greeted by the mineral scent of smoke emanating from bonfires and chimneys. It fills the air with a rich scent of ash, embers and burning woods.

Our Feu de Bois perfectly captures the evocative feel of an autumnal walk through a dense forest. The scent of the ground, with its earth and mosses, blends with the smoky air. Which is laden with the silvery trails of bonfires and burning leaves. Blending the bold smoke of gaiac with intense woody notes against an earthy backdrop of oak moss and patchouli. Feu de Bois perfectly replicates the scent of an open fire, and it’s tremendously good (if we do say so ourselves).

Feu de Bois candle perfect for autumn

Warm and Cosy

Of course, as the days become shorter and the cold draws in, we seek warmth and comfort in any way we can. We throw on chunky knitwear, brew cups of tea, hide under blankets on the sofa and maybe enjoy a warming spirit or two. All in search of that sense of hygge (as the Danish would say that makes us feel so cosy. One way to bring a cosy feeling into the home is to scent it with something delicious and enveloping. We opt for our Bourbon & Maple Scented Candle to bring us that sense of comfort. With sweet, sumptuous malted notes of maple & caramel, and a delightfully boozy dash of amber. Bourbon & Maple gives off an impressive, comforting trail that really makes one feel like they are snuggling under the softest blanket in the world.

Autumn Scents

Vibrant and Colourful

But it’s not just the smells of autumn that are vivid, its the colours too. The ground becomes a patchwork quilt of reds, browns and yellows. Leafy patterns contrasted by the greyness of the air and sky. This is nature’s final encore before the harshness of winter sets in. A pyrotechnic explosion of colour that serves as a lasting reminder of the full glory of nature. Such intensity of colour is captured in our Pomegranate & Pink Pepper candle. Which, through the interplay of rich purple fruits, zesty pink pepper and dark, clove-spiced woods, evokes all of the shades of autumn. From the blazing colours of leaves to the dark hues of burning woods and smoke.

Scented candles for Autumn

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