Discover how Designers Guild Founder, Tricia Guild, scents her home.

Known for their luxury lifestyle fabrics, wallpapers, furnishings and accessories, Designers Guild have been at the forefront of exquisite style and setting interior trends since 1970. Fusing timeless patterns with a cool, contemporary vibe, the worldwide success of this British brand – along with a whole bookshelf of interior tomes filled with her knowledge, inspirations, and self-help guides to creating our own dream homes – has led to Tricia Guild, OBE. (Founder & Creative Director of Designers Guild) being called ‘the interior design guru’.

In our previous interview with Tricia, we discovered why she wanted to create a Home Fragrance collection as the next chapter of the multi-award-winning and Royal commission-winning interior design empire. Now, we catch up with Tricia once more to discover exactly how she likes to scent her own home – and her expert advice on how to use fragrance to set the mood, reflect the seasons and enhance the expression of your personality as you perfume the air around you. “I think about scenting my home in the same way as I do a spritz of fragrance in the morning – it is the finishing touch, and in my opinion, it is an intrinsic part of the way you feel at home and creating your own haven. I use diffusers all the time and they ensure that there is always a pervading atmosphere and then I layer either the same scent or complementary one with candles…” 


“For the entrance, to me it’s all about feeling welcome. For guests that means inviting, for me it means familiarity, coming home. So, I tend to use… Green Fig in the autumn and winter and either Spring Meadow or First Flower in the spring.” 

Green Fig is “the divine scent of the first fig harvest with hints of cassis and delicate rose blossom, enhanced with the fresh green fragrance of tomato leaf, zingy lemon and dewy moss,” while Spring Meadow suggests you “surround yourself with the heavenly roses and peonies - green notes of geranium leaf and rhubarb create the essence of spring, balanced with citrus notes of grapefruit and lemon zest.” First Flower, meanwhile, conjures “cascades of tumbling wisteria flowers releasing their evocative scent into the balmy summer air, rich with blooming jasmine, bergamot freshness and warm musk.”

Living Room

Green Fig would be my go-to when I am relaxing at home – I find it warm and sensuous and seems to instil a feeling of harmony.” 


“I like to use a very fresh scent in the kitchen area as I am often cooking, and so I adore Glasshouse for its herby earthiness.” 

Glasshouse invites you to “…immerse yourself in the warm and inviting scent of the greenhouse - the unmistakable scent of tomato leaves and geranium with herbal notes of basil and peppermint.”


“In our offices we use Waterfall, simply because it’s an immediately enlivening fragrance that feels dynamic and bright. I definitely think it helps to create a sense of creativity and energy.” 

Waterfall is a wonderfully “dewy fresh scent of crisp cool water flowing over lichen and moss. Subtle woody notes of iris and patchouli with rose, sparkling grapefruit and ambergris for a truly unique fragrance.”


“Again, I tend to be rather seasonal here and Green Fig or Woodland Fern in the colder months and Spring Meadow or First Flower in the warmer ones.”

Woodland Fern is that soul-calming, so-evocative feeling of “early spring in the woodlands, where the air is rich with the new life emerging from the forest floor - fresh green ferns and clary sage balanced with earthy cedarwood, moss and incense.”

Cloakroom and Bathroom

“In the cloakroom, I have a diffuser in Woodland Fern which feels earthy and welcoming all at the same time and in bathrooms, Waterfall with its bright freshness is perfect. We have designed our wardrobe of scents to work together, and they can all be layered beautifully so that you can create your own personal scent – something that feels right for you and your home.” 

Tricia Guild, OBE. Founder & Creative Director of Designers Guild