We've been stuck at home for a few weeks now and we're finally de-cluttering and clearing out at home. We've taken many trips down memory lane and discovered a bunch of great things in the depth of our drawers.

One that stood out were our boxes of empty candle vessels, too pretty to throw away, but also taking up a great deal of space... So we got thinking... Why not re-use them for something practical instead?

If you're in the same boat as us, hopefully our tips on up-cycling your candle jars will come in handy!

Thanks to our efficient Coreless CleanBurn technology, there won't be much wax left in your vessel, but you can remove any residue by using hot water to melt the wax or by freezing the jar and using a spoon to scrape out the remnants.

Now you're ready to get up-cycling your candle jar. Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

Flowers in empty Parks box, one way to re-use your candle jar.

1. A home for your flowers

Cut the stems of your favourite flowers to just longer than the depth of the empty candle jar and arrange so the blooms form a dome over the top. If you have an empty Noir or Platinum jar, we reckon it'd look especially striking holding a contrasting white hydrangea.

2. In the kitchen

One of the larger candle jars, and with it's wooden lid, the Ceramics range makes an ideal sweetie jar. Fill it with bright treats like jelly babies or liquorice all-sorts to add a touch of colour to your kitchen or pantry. Just make sure it's not too easy for the kids to get to!

Re-use your candle jar as a plant pot.

3. To house your plants

A larger, heavier jar such as the four-wick Vintage Aromatherapy could support a taller fern or cheese plant, while a little glass jar is the perfect size for a miniature succulent. Layer sand, soil and moss and add your plant on top

4. A bit of storage for your bathroom

Try using your old candle jar to house your toothbrush and toothpaste. Keep your cotton wool pads in a jar with a lid, such as your Crystalene candle, to keep out steam from the shower. They'll look good enough to proudly display on your bathroom shelves or windowsill.

Re-use your candle jar to hold make-up brushes.

5. On the desk or dressing table

Spruce up your work space by up-cycling your empty candle jar into a holder for your pens, pencils and scissors. Or, channel your inner siren and add glamour to your dressing table by keeping all your make-up brushes and eyeliners and mascaras in a jar.

Now we've sparked your imagination, don't limit yourself to just these suggestions. We're sure you'll come up with lots of inventive ways to up-cycle your candle jars - even if it's to hold a clutch of tapered candles or tea lights!

How do you up-cycle your candle jars? Share your photo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and make sure to tag us!