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  1. Room by Room with Tricia Guild, OBE

    Room by Room with Tricia Guild, OBE
    Discover how Designers Guild Founder, Tricia Guild, scents her home. Known for their luxury lifestyle fabrics, wallpapers, furnishings and accessories, Designers Guild have been at the forefront of exquisite style and setting interior trends since 1970. Fusing timeless patterns with...... Read More
  2. Fragrance Families Explained - Fruity

    Fragrance Families Explained - Fruity
    Day 4 - Fruity Fragrances And by fruity notes, we’re talking about everything juicy and luscious that might turn up in your fruit bowl. From crisp tart apples and honeyed pear notes, through to lip-staining berries and ambrosial tropicals such...... Read More
  3. Fragrance Families Explained - Citrus

    Fragrance Families Explained - Citrus
    Day 5 - Citrus Scents The fragrance ingredients used in the Citrus Family are all zingy and upbeat, from sparkling lemon and grapefruit, to the deliciously rounded bergamot, a citrus note popular with perfumers for its ability to blend beautifully...... Read More
  4. Fragrance Families Explained - Floral

    Fragrance Families Explained - Floral
    Day 3 - Floral Fragrances Florals make up the largest group of the Fragrance Families, with many beautiful blooms turned into wonderful perfume. It takes a lot of flower heads to create a floral oil, would it surprise you to...... Read More
  5. Fragrance Families Explained - Spicy

    Fragrance Families Explained - Spicy
    Day 2 - Spicy To add a little ‘heat’ to home scenting, the Spicy Fragrance Family is where you’ll find it. Warm, sensuous and full of character, spice notes weave a rich and intriguing thread through any fragrance, adding a...... Read More

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