74% of Brits said in the last year they had felt overwhelming stress. This is no surprise, of course, our lives are getting busier and more stressful. 14 years ago, National Spa Week was introduced - a recognition of how important it is to recharge your batteries. Yet, today 3 out of 4 Brits are still too stressed. It’s not easy finding the time to de-stress. Our Spa range was created so you could enjoy the therapeutic fragrances found in world-class spas to soothe, de-stress, restore and revive.

For professional Spa therapists or the simple pleasure of indulging yourself at home, every fragrance, from Plumeria to Onsen, delivers weeks of luxury spa bliss, transporting you to a place of utter relaxation. Inspired by different spas all around the world, SPA is an olfactory odyssey that takes you high up into the Swiss Alps, right into the heart of Japan, and even somewhere very close to home.

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Here are our top picks from the range:

Onsen: Japanese Spa

There's no experience on Earth quite as relaxing as a Japanese Onsen. An ancient tradition, these Japanese baths are taken in the hot water of Japan's volcanic springs. Key to the Onsen ritual is the slicing of yuzu (a Japanese fruit) under hot running water to release citrus notes into the mountain air.

The result is olfactory heaven. A uniquely sublime blend of mountain air, a subtle hint of the surrounding foliage and trees, and mist infused with sliced yuzu wafting across the piping hot waters. All captured in our Onsen candle.

Close your eyes and you're there... outside, safe from the cold air in your haven of volcanically-heated water, contemplating the beauty of the landscape.

Alpine: Swiss Spa

There's something in the air of the Swiss Alps that clears the mind and soothes the soul. Perhaps it's the simple purity of oxygen up there, or maybe it's the remoteness of the mountains. Or knowing you're so far away from everything else in the world. The rejuvenating mountain air is the star of the Swiss Spa.

Cool, crisp and refreshing... clean and calming, our Alpine Candle captures that perfect soothing stillness. Notes of pine and crisp white snow permeate the air, creating a soothing coolness that awakens the soul.

Pause. Breathe. Re-boot. Be whisked away to the magnificent Swiss Alps.

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Rosarium: English Spa

From Marrakesh to Palm Beach, you'll find spas named 'Rose Garden' in recognition of perhaps England's most symbolic sanctuary - and justifiably so. England is full of historic manor houses and country estates converted into luxury spas with the obligatory rose-garden haven. A place to de-stress, contemplate and breathe deep.

Relax and let us take you there. The Rosarium candle offers the scent of dew-soaked roses, scarlet and burgundy in full bloom, over a bed of crisp, geranium leaves with a hint of earthy musk.

Be calm. Be still. Breathe.

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