While 2017 saw the design-conscious embracing all things sub-tropical (think pineapple jars and flamingo mirrors), 2018 promises to be equally as eclectic, with the latest home design previews suggesting that more of us are willing to go bold with our interiors in the year ahead.

The question is: what interior design trends do you need to know about in 2018? And, more importantly, how can you achieve them in your home? From colourful paints to botanical prints, we’re here to help you stay ahead of the latest interior design trends, and give your home a fresh new look for 2018.

Warm Textures

Ditch minimalism and embrace texture in 2018, and you’ll have a home that feels warmer, friendlier and more like you. Natural textures, such as wood, rattan and wicker, are big this season, so don’t be afraid to embellish your home with a range of materials, fabrics and textiles that bring warmth to your space.

Of course, one of the simplest ways to add depth and interest to your rooms is with candles. Even in the spring and summer months, candles add pleasing warmth and freshness to your interiors, and they’re also perfect for achieving hygge – a Danish lifestyle trend that continues to influence how we dress our homes. When adding candles to your space, match the fragrance with the season; floral scents like rose and linden blossom are the ideal spring accompaniment.

Dark Wood Furniture

Dark wood furniture is back for 2018, and we think it’s the perfect way to add a sense of statement grandeur to your living space. Go bold with mahogany sideboards, walnut wardrobes and sycamore kitchen counters, and your home will instantly have a more luxurious and sophisticated feel, with plenty of retro glamour to boot.

In recent years, pale wood furniture has been the go-to for home renovation, due largely to a resurgence in Scandinavian design. This is set to change in 2018, however, as more people look to dark woods and stains that give a classic and elegant look, while retaining that retro appeal that made us fall in love with all things Scandi.

Mixed Material Kitchens

Sure, buying a complete kitchen straight from the brochure is convenient, and there is a growing assortment of options available, but isn’t it time we reconsidered kitchen design and got a little more creative? After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it should reflect our personalities and style more than any other room, shouldn’t it?

Kimberly Duran of interior design blog Swoon Worthy certainly thinks so. In her recent 2018 interior trends guide, Kimberly encourages all of us that it’s time to think differently about our kitchens, saying: “Don’t get me wrong – I fell for the all-white kitchen look myself and it was at the top of my wishlist when I first moved into my home in 2010. But mixing your finishes provides a much more pulled together look and creates a more eclectic, interesting aesthetic. Plus, white kitchens were just EVERYWHERE a few years ago and they are starting to all look the same. Who wants a kitchen that looks like everyone else’s? It’s time to get a bit more creative.”

Colourful Walls

Grey, white, cream and duck egg may have been acceptable colour choices during the neutral interior design trend of the early noughties, but 2018 calls for something much bolder, brighter and more daring. Whether it’s your walls, your ceilings, your floors or your furniture, don’t be afraid to make brave choices when it comes to colour.

But which colours are in and which should you steer clear of? Well, strictly speaking, it’s all a matter of preference, but we’d recommend rich violet, navy and deep greens. Shades such as these add immediate depth and warmth to your space, while retaining interest and personality, so you can preserve your home’s character and make it more ‘you’.

Brass Accents

Hands up who has something copper or rose gold in their home – be it a kettle, lamp or utensil holder? These metallic colours have been mainstays of the interior design world for a couple of years now, and we think it’s about time for a change. But what material can you turn to that replicates the rustic, industrial finish of copper while giving your home a fresh and original look?

The answer: brass, the king of natural metallic. Think of brass, and you probably picture bandstands and horse brass plaques, but we’re here to tell you that this glossy metal is the way to go when it comes to adding attractive new accents to your interiors. Brass furnishings and utensils are starting to appear on the high street in place of copper and gold, so embrace brass soon to stay ahead of the curve.

Botanical Prints and Design

From houseplants to bedding, 2017 witnessed a huge resurgence in all things green, with tropical shades cropping up in virtually every homeware store. And the green trend continues to make waves this year, as more people are turning to natural foliage to add energising colour and texture to their interiors.

Antonia Ludden from Tidy Life agrees: “I think interiors in 2018 will continue to be dominated by plants and natural materials. The popular boho-trend, featuring sheepskin rugs, rattan light shades, handcrafted wall-hangings and lots of greenery to bring the outside in, is still going strong. This style works whether you have dark or light walls, so is really versatile and easy to incorporate. Scour charity shops for cheap rattan finds and get plant cuttings from friends to keep to a budget!”

If you’re worried the tropical trend is a little too kitsch for your home, and want to retain a classic look while adding energising greens to your space, botanical prints and accents are the way to go. From the Swiss cheese plant, the darling of the 70s-retro revival, to health-promoting aloe; many home furnishings and wall prints are now adorned with botanical designs, helping you inject your home with a little natural flair – and without a flamingo, parrot or pineapple in sight.

Travel-Inspired Soft Furnishings

Traditionally, photo albums and fridge magnets were the only way to relive special memories from holidays past, but no longer. One of the big interior design trends of 2018 is travel-inspired soft furnishings, so you’re encouraged to incorporate your favourite destinations into your interior theme.

Whether it’s a rug from Morocco, tartan bedding from the Highlands or handcrafted cushions from the markets of Thailand, adding travel-inspired soft furnishings to your space will add texture, personality and interest – and put a smile on your face each time you see them.

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