It's always a pleasure to open the factory doors to customers... And if we'd had the presence of mind, we'd have blogged about this at the lost April when we were forced to stop factory tours. Forgive us, it's been a roller coaster.

But in answer to all your emails asking how we do what we do...

Naturally, whenever technology is developed and helps Carol's commitment to a beautifully fragranced home, we'll always invest and innovate with it. For example, before blending ingredients, we used to test them by nose. Today we use a specific gravity meter, refractometer, flash point meter and then... Test by nose.

Ultimately, it's always with our founders' passion for detail and quality that our fragrances and 100% natural wax are blended by hand, then filled by fragrance artisans.

The processes and materials that come together in one scented candle can be split in 5:

1. Wick

Pure cotton, woven into a three-braid wick is coated, cut to size and crimped in a sustainer before being placed in the vessel... Ready for filling.

2. Fragrance

Each ingredient is tested on arrival, then expertly blended into a fragrance which is tested against a master sample before mixing with wax...

3. Wax

After quality control, each ingredient of our wax is heated to melting point then blended before precision cooling (with "air curtains" for purity) to perfect pouring temperature.

4. Pouring

Each and every candle is inspected by no less than 3 craftsmen during pouring and setting to a rich, cream-coloured, 100% natural wax blend.

5. Gift-Boxing

Once the candle has set, the final stage of gift-boxing and packing is carried out by hand. It's the last chance we have to see our candle before it fragrances your home... Almost...

Before we send your order, there's one last ritual... Saying thanks 🙂