This 10 wick candle really is an indulgence - it brings fragrance into your home and makes a statement at the same time. These are candles that do not hide, in fact, they demand to be the centre of attention, begging pride of place as the centrepiece.

10 wick candles are perfect for big spaces because they have an impressive throw, exuding soft waves of scent that easily fill larger spaces. They're a focal point - a candle worthy of attention. Not to mention the fact that they burn for a very, very, very long time. A 10 wick candle is an investment, but one that pays off with hours and hours of glorious scent.

Our 10 Wick Candle

This ornate statement piece is decorated with an intricate gold pattern that takes you on a journey to the Parks London boutique and to the many beautiful ingredients found within.

We will be giving away our limited edition ten-wick. The scent is fresh and green, with juicy, milky tartness of figs amplified by the bright berry sharpness of cassis. Orange blossom brings a floral element, but also hints of honey and hay. Delicate white musks carry the scent of fruits, flowers and greenery throughout the room.

Sounds pretty good, right?

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