While most of us are now aware we need to put some TLC into caring for our scented candles, fragrance diffusers are often still sadly neglected. Sure, you can take them out of the packaging, shove them on a shelf and forget about them. But we want you to get the very best from any perfumed purchase, if you follow these tips, you'll be amazed at how much harder you can make your reed diffuser work for you...

Location, Location, Location

The best placement for reed diffusers is a hallway or near the entrance of a room. Daily traffic of people walking past increases air-circulation, so the aroma will be dispersed further and more frequently than if it's put in the corner of a room or on a high shelf.

Pump Up the Volume

Turn up the 'volume' of the aroma by using all the reeds provided, and place in a sunny spot or near a radiator to boost the scent for a quick-fix of full-on fragrance (handy if you've got unexpected visitors). We don't recommend leaving the diffuser there permanently, though, as heat/direct sunlight evaporates the oil more quickly.

Or... Turn it Down

If you'd rather delicately scent a smaller space or are layering your home fragrances and don't want anything too 'loud', decrease the number of reeds you're using. This immediately turns the 'volume' of the aroma down again (and will greatly lengthen the life of your diffuser and its fragrance oil).

Flipping Out

Turn the reeds over - the fragrance oil works best when infusing a fresh, dry surface. The more frequently you flip the reeds, the faster and more strongly the scent will disperse (we recommend once a week for optimum olfactive pleasure and find it best to do this over a sink to prevent spillage). Don't forget to flip the reeds just before you go away on holiday - you'll return to an even more beautifully fragranced home.

Protect & Perfect

Because diffusers use a fragrance oil, we recommend protecting your surfaces by placing a coaster under them, but why not change things up by using a mirrored tray or beautifully patterned plate that matches your home furnishings? Think of your diffuser as a moveable art piece that just happens to be wonderfully scented, and it really changes the way you maximise the potential of your home fragrances.

Interior Styling

A huge trend with professional interior stylists is to surround a diffuser with complimentary-coloured (unscented) house plants, to 'bring the outdoors in' and create a miniature garden, no matter how small your house is.

Upcycle & Reuse

Once the fragrance oil is finished - don't throw the vessel away. Wash it thoroughly and upcycle as a miniature bud vase. We love the idea of picking complimentary flowers to the scent it once contained, then placing on your dressing table, office desk, or tying with a pretty ribbon and gifting to a friend. Or use as a pen/makeup brush pot.