Helping to create a beautiful and relaxed ambience in the home is at the very heart of the Parks’ ethos. We design and develop all of our products to help complement lifestyles which support wellbeing, relaxation and self-care. And we believe our products work best when they’re used as a part of a lifestyle which is geared towards wellbeing and positivity.

One of the most popular methods of maintaining a sense of wellbeing as well as mental, physical and spiritual health is yoga. It’s is thought that over one million people in the UK regularly practice yoga, helping keep people healthy and happy.

So, we decided to chat to yogi, artist, life coach and speaker, Sonia Doubell, about all things yoga, relaxation and wellbeing. 

1. Hi Sonia, thanks for chatting to us, Could you share with us what you think are the main benefits of maintaining a relaxed lifestyle?

The health and mental wellbeing benefits of maintaining a relaxed lifestyle are immeasurable and enormous. Really, it can be the difference between us living the life we want or living a life we do not enjoy.

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If your life is stressful and you don’t have time for recreation and self-care and the freedom to nurture friendships and do things you love doing, chances are you will feel tired, irritable, impatient, unhappy and uninspired.

There are four foundations to help you reach your life goals. They are simple but powerful. Start with these and the rest will follow: Eat well, sleep well. exercise daily, meditate daily

2. Apart from yoga, do you believe any other activities can really help nurture a relaxed and healthy lifestyle?

I am a big fan of hobbies and learning new things.

  • My Hobbies:

I love painting, I discovered this is amazing therapy while I was living in the South of France in a small town called Opio. The exquisite sunsets, cypress-framed old Bastides, olive trees, geraniums everywhere…I was so inspired and it is something that I do whenever I need to lose myself in creativity.

  • What I am learning:

As well as teaching yoga (12 years now) I have been teaching hypnobirthing since the birth of my daughter four years ago. Many mums ask me to be at their births as a Doula. So, I am learning how to support mums and dads at this incredibly special time.

3. Do you set aside time and space to relax and refocus your mind, body and soul, or do you have more of a relaxed, impromptu approach? 

I practice yoga for one and a half hours every day. I practice in the same place. I love to use candles and incense whilst I practice.

 4. How important is creating a positive ambience and environment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle

At home I practice in the same room, surrounded by all the elements I love, including candles, flowers and paintings. I am big on epigenetics - this is a scientific study showing how DNA expression is affected by the environment it inhabits - so interesting!

5. Can anywhere (home, office, etc.) be turned into a positive environment for practising yoga or other relaxation activities/methods?

Of course, you can practice anywhere, but if you take some time to bring into your environments the things that speak to your spirit, it will enhance and inspire your practice whether it’s meditation, yoga or something else. So, at work you might want to set the scene, set the scent, play some music you like or arrange flowers.   

6. And finally, what advice would you give to somebody who wants to begin the journey of wellbeing and relaxation?

I would start by finding a practice that works for you. Yoga, meditation or just relaxing baths (whatever feels right) and then dive in!

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Image credits: Sonia Doubell