You deserve something special after all the running around preparing for Christmas! This gift guide is all about finding the perfect scented delight for you. From the simplest delight to the most extravagant indulgence, we have just the treat for you!

If you want a simple indulgence..

What better treat than a scented candle? Dim the lights, kick back and relax...

For the simplest of indulgences, go for the Magnolia Blush 3 Wick Candle from our Ceramics range. Presented in a gorgeous luxurious vessel, the exotic scent of magnolias in full bloom are carried on a breeze of lemon, with hints of linden blossom and soft woods. Perfect for those precious moments of relaxation before Christmas

The perfect simple pleasure.

If you can't make your mind up..

Do you spend forever perusing restaurant menus? Not because you can't find something, but because you want to try a bit of everything and can't make your mind up? We feel the same about home fragrances. It's not easy to choose just one. But what if you don't have to choose...

Our Discovery Sets offers the perfect way to try 10 different fragrances. Each set contains a finely-curated selection of ten votives (with burn time of 8 hours per candle) showcasing a range from fruity and fresh to warm and woody. Pop them in different rooms and bring a bit of variety to your home.

The perfect way to find your favourite fragrance.

If you want to go all out...

If you're going to treat yourself, why not really treat yourself?! There is nothing like an extravagant, lavish gift to make you feel truly treated.

Our Crystalene candles aren't only statement pieces, but also scent your home beautifully. Refracting the glowing flame in a dazzling dance of light, it takes centre stage to both compliment and elevate your decor. Our Crystalene candles come in a range of fragrances, from the spring-like effervescence of Lily of the Valley to the gourmand indulgence of Vanilla. Whichever you choose, you're in for a real treat!

The perfect extravagance.

At Parks, our extensive range of exceptionally crafted products make the perfect gifts for those special someone's in your life.

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