Catch yourself frantically searching for the right gift for your man? Can't find a gift guide that will actually fit your guy? Whether you're buying for your father, brother, friend, partner, or all of the above, we're here to make buying that perfect (not to mention beautifully scented!) gift as easy as possible.

Check out our gift guide where we've hand-picked some exceptional products to match his style and taste, no matter what they may be.

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If He Has Opulent Taste

For the gentleman with more extravagant taste, we suggest fragrances with luxurious and indulgent ingredients - materials that have weight and nuance aplenty. Oriental fragrances exude opulence. Overflowing with spices, resins and flowers, they speak of exotic, forbidden beauty.

Our Sandalwood & Ambergris Candle blends two of the finest. It creates a rich tension where the creaminess of woods diffuse in a hazy ambergris mist, all wrapped-up in the cherry-like warmth of tobacco leaves. If Heaven were a candle...

The perfect indulgence.

If He Likes the Outdoors

Whether your guy is hiking up a mountain or biking down one, we have scents for him as bracingly fresh as the world he inhabits. When it comes to freshness, there's nothing more delightfully clean and cool than neroli. Extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, neroli brings a dewy sense of sunlight to a fragrance.

We recommend Royal Neroli from our Ceramic Collection. Refreshing and golden, it transports you to a warm summer's day where a cool breeze carries an endless sense of calm and refreshment.

The perfect refreshment.

Royal Neroli Ceramic 1 wick and three wick candles with man reading in the background

If He Has Edgy Style

If his style is masculine and edgy, he'll love a gift with an intense and sensual scent. This is the domain of the woody fragrances and no woods are bolder than Oud - a heavily fragranced and rare material.

Evoking Middle Eastern perfumery, our Oud Diffuser is smoky and smouldering, hinting at rich wood chips burning in hot sands. The scent is intoxicating and heady. Perfect for the man that loves something incredibly bold and undeniably masculine.

The perfect luxury.

If He's Easygoing

Citrus scents are always a safe bet and have been long-standing favourite fragrances for both men and women. Who doesn't like the juicy, refreshing and revitalising scent of citrus fruit? Using previous oils extracted from the rinds and pith of these delicious fruits, citrus scents create a sense of energy and freshness. Additionally, they brighten up any space.

Our Grapefruit & Jasmine Candle is perfect for the man in your life who's personality matches the bright and bubbly beauty of citrus. Brimming with tart grapefruit zest and a delicate trail of white flowers, Grapefruit & Jasmine is an uplifting and energising candle. It never fails to bring a smile to your face.

The perfect stocking filler.

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At Parks, our extensive range of exceptionally crafted products make the perfect gifts for those special someone's in your life. Check out our full range here.