Searching for that special gift for a significant lady in your life? Whether it's your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister or friend, our gift guide is here to help you find the perfect fragrance to make her Christmas extra special!

Here is our gift guide for her...

If She's Enigmatic

If she's more leather jacket and boots than floral print and heels, you will want a dark and daring gift.

platinum diffuser on shelf with jewellery

Enter our Dark Rose Diffuser! Inspired by velvety petals of the deeply-coloured baccara rose, Dark Rose is heady and intense. Imagine sharp rose petals enveloped by the tartness of raspberry and the freshness of geranium. The luxurious air of ambergris brings a decadent touch as it diffuses. Dark Rose creates a seductive aura that is intensely beautiful. Perfect for the daringly different girl.

The perfect luxury.

If She's Vivacious and Fun

Fruity fragrances are fun and exciting. With a vibrance that is juicy, tart and dewy, they create a carefree sense of joy that will make you smile. Centred on freshly plucked berries and sumptuous citrus fruits, they create flirtatious cocktails which liven any space.

If you're buying for a vivacious and fun girl, our Cassis Candle is the perfect fit. Awash with mouthwatering notes of blackcurrant, fig and a dash of intoxicating orange blossom, Cassis evokes the exhilarating feeling of running through an Italian garden at the height of summer. Pure joy.

The perfect stocking filler.

If She Loves to Relax

There are few luxuries greater than a relaxing trip to a spa. With our SPA range, you can bring the experience straight into your home.

spa candle on shelf with soap and plant

Our Onsen SPA candle is perfect for the girl who loves to relax. Inspired by Japanese hot springs, Onsen centres on the note of yuzu - a Japanese fruit that perfectly balances juiciness and bitterness. Evoking sliced yuzu fruits under hot running water, Onsen perfectly captures the moment you sink into a hot bath, creating an ideal sense of calm.

The perfect treat.

If She Has Opulent Taste

If she has a taste for the finer things in life, then only our Ceramic range will do. Housed within tactile and luxurious ceramic vessels, this collection features opulent, indulgent fragrances of the highest quality.

Our White Jasmine Ceramic Candle is a beautifully extravagant white floral that perfectly captures the scent of jasmine blooming at the height of summer. With orange blossom and magnolia as supporting acts, it creates an intoxicating trail filling the room with lavish intensity of white flowers.

The perfect indulgence.

ceramic candles on table with oriental background

At Parks, our extensive range of exceptionally crafted home fragrance products make the perfect gifts for those special ladies in your life.

Check out our full range here.

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