The tell-tale signs of the approaching spring have us yearning for long sunlit days, and the promise of more time spent revelling in the freshness of the outdoors. This is a time to cast away the gloom of winter, throw your windows wide and embrace the coming season. There’s no finer way to infuse your home with the timeless, fresh scents of spring than with a freshly fragranced candle.

Here, we showcase 12 fresh scents that will bring the breezy and blooming freshness of spring into your home. From gardenia to orange blossom.

Orange Blossom

Fresh Scented candles

Sweet, delicate and calming, the blossom of orange trees hints at the freshness of the budding crop of citrus fruits. As spring takes hold, the scent of nectar, pollen. Fruits and fragile blossoms fills the air, and this candle captures the scent perfectly. While offering an invigorating twist of orange zest. Orange is one of the most aromatic blossoms available and will bring a fragrant heart of warming citrus to your living space.

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The colourful and tightly-packed petals of the hyacinth flower produce a stimulating and sweet floral fragrance that’s distinct, energising and entirely ‘spring’. Grown all over Europe, and particularly in the continent’s flower capital, the Netherlands; hyacinths all have an unmistakable fragrance. But we’ve selected scents from deep blue crops to bring the finest and purest floral fragrance to your home.

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Rejuvenating – Orange, Black Pepper and Vetiver

Specially developed to cleanse the mind and reenergise your home. Our Nature’s Own Rejuvenating Candle blends the sweet citrus kick of orange with spicy black pepper, with a final flourish of herbaceous basil and smooth cedarwood. The result is complex, invigorating and perfect for adding an enlivening scent to your space, without relying on spring florals.

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Frangipani, Rose, Freesia and Lily

Fresh Scents for spring

A triumph of lush floral notes is captured in this luxury fragrant wax blend, delivering a powerful heart of spring blooms. The star of the show here is a fine blend of frangipani notes. Derived from a mixture of seasonal blooms each with its own unique scent. Coupled with the delicate aromas of rose, freesia and lily, frangipani produces a bold fragrance that’s equal parts fruity and floral. For a fresh and complex home scent.

Get the scent: Parks Aromatherapy Frangipani, Rose, Freesia and Lily Candle

Wild Fig, Cassis & Orange Blossom

A base of musky, warm and sophisticated fig sets the tone for this inviting scent bouquet. Providing a lingering fragrance in your room after the candle has been extinguished. After fig, comes the mellow combination of cassis and orange blossom, which helps to lighten and sweeten the blend. Together, warm notes of fig and sweet orange bring the fragrance of the Mediterranean to your space. Reminding you of the approaching warmer weather.

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Lily of the Valley

Few scents evoke the fresh and inviting scent of spring’s seasonal blooms than lily of the valley. In the historic ‘language of flowers’, lily of the valley is thought to represent the return of happiness. Making it a fitting home fragrance after the long doldrums of winter. Here, we’ve taken notes of lily of the valley to create a pure and authentic floral wax blend.

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Linden Blossom, Mimosa and Magnolia

Spring Fresh Scents

The queen of blossom fragrances; linden trees produce a bright, sweet, sunny and sharp floral scent. One reminiscent of honeysuckle and freshly cut grass – perfect for spring. To this captivating floral scent, we’ve added smoothing notes of sweet mimosa and magnolia. Creating a creamy, soft and nurturing fragrance blend that’s the perfect accompaniment to a spring day.

Get the scent: Parks Aromatherapy Linden Blossom, Mimosa & Magnolia Candle

Lime, Basil and Mandarin

In food and fragrance, lime is renowned for its ability to add freshnes. Here we’ve used lime scents to create an enlivening citrus fruit scent. Ideal in the spring kitchen, this Aromatherapy candle also contains top notes of herbal basil – reminiscent of the Italian Riviera. As well as a sweet and delicate twist of mandarin, for the ultimate in reenergising freshness.

Get the scent: Parks Aromatherapy Lime, Basil and Mandarin Candle

Eucalyptus and Juniper

Combining the invigorating fresh scents of eucalyptus and juniper, this enlivening wax blend is the ultimate spring wake-up call. Eucalyptus is considered one of the natural world’s most effective cleansers, and is used regularly by aromatherapists to clear the air. Together with sprightly notes of fresh juniper, the scent is the perfect way to revitalise your space as springtime approaches.

Get the scent: Parks Aromatherapy Eucalyptus & Juniper Candle

No. 7 Cotton Fresh: Orchid and Lotus Flower

Fresh Scents

Which scents remind you of spring? For us, it’s blossom, freshly-cut grass, and the scent of clean laundry hung outside for the first time in months. Our exclusive No. 7 Cotton Fresh scent relies on a heart of exotic orchid and lotus flower. Filling your home with the inviting and welcoming scent of freshly-laundered linens, blowing in the spring breeze.

Get the scent: Parks Exclusive No. 7 Cotton Fresh: Orchid & Lotus Flower Candle

Blue Camomile and White Tea

The gentle, botanical scent of blue camomile and white tea is limitlessly calming and aromatic. Helping to reduce stress and help you relax after a hard day. Unique white tea blends have been grown on the misty mountainsides of China’s tea plantations for centuries. We’ve captured their wonderful, subtle fragrance in this ideal accompaniment to a cool spring evening.

Get the scent: Parks Aromatherapy Blue Camomile and White Tea


Cultivated in Morocco for over a thousand years, verbena is a precious herbal fragrance with a citrus, lemon-like aroma. As the scent matures in your space, it becomes more sweet, floral and subtle, with an air of fragrant exoticism. Aromatherapists believe that natural extracts of verbena can reduce fatigue and renew your focus. So it’s perfect if you want to feel sharp for the new season.

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Spring, summer, autumn or winter. Whatever the time of year, our collection of luxury natural-wax candles and perfume diffusers can help get your home ready for any season. Visit the homepage to browse our complete collection of quality home fragrances today.