As trees shed their leaves and the nights draw in, we turn to the warming scents of pumpkins, cinnamon, berries, bonfires, fallen leaves, and cinder toffee to cosy-up against the gathering gloom – filling our homes with the nostalgic and comforting scents of autumn. Autumn may be a time for dusting off the winter wardrobe and switching on the central heating, but it’s also a time for new beginnings – with younger members of the family braving exciting new chapters. It’s also one of the most uplifting times of the year, as thoughts turn to the approaching festive season and all the wonder it brings. To help you prepare for the new season, here we list inspirational home fragrances to fill your home this autumn. 1. Fig 2. Cinnamon and Clove 3. Oakmoss and Cedarwood 4. Amber and Patchouli 5. Orange, Black Pepper, and Clove 6. Frankincense 7. Apple


Dense and rich, yet with enough fruitiness to add a hint of freshness; the scent of fig is a perfect choice for the autumn kitchen. The fig fruit hails from the Middle East, where its rich aroma is popular in the home. Its scent is leafy, fruity and sophisticated, reminiscent of boutique hotels and high-end stores. Look no further for a luxury fragrance this autumn. Get the scent: Fig Diffuser

Cinnamon and Clove

Evoking the pleasure of steaming glühwein at a German Christmas market, clove and cinnamon provide the ultimate festive fragrance – its sweet, warm aroma serves to transform your home as the nights draw in. Autumn may be a little early to start thinking about December’s festivities, but the scent of clove and cinnamon will add a little festive sparkle to those gloomy November nights. Get the scent: Cinnamon & Clove Mulled Wine Candle

Oakmoss and Cedarwood

Bring the outside in with oakmoss and cedarwood, fragrances renowned for their distinctive woody, forest-like aroma. A lichen, oakmoss grows on the bark of pine, oak, and beech trees, and is a popular natural extract amongst perfumers. Together, cedarwood and oakmoss deliver a sensual and woodsy fragrance, suggestive of long walks spent kicking through heaps of autumn leaves. Get the scent: Winter Wonder By The Fire

Amber and Patchouli

Patchouli bucks the trend in floral scents, delivering a rich, earthy aroma that’s far-removed from the summer notes of other floral fragrances. Paired with amber, a fantasy of sweet labdanum and vanilla-like benzoin, and the result is warming and spicy, evoking the red, orange, and brown hues of autumn – the perfect antidote to a grey October day. Get the scent: Agarwood Spice Candle

Orange, Black Pepper, and Clove

There’s something festive about the sweet and zesty aroma of orange. Add a little spice to the blend, like black pepper and clove, and you have something truly special – and 100% autumnal. Infuse your home with this spicy and fiery bouquet, and you’ll feel invigorated on even the dreariest of days, the orange twist working to lift your spirits while the clove and black pepper bring a warmth and cosiness to your home. Get the scent: Black Magic 1 Wick Candle


Frankincense is an ancient natural resin whose oil extract produces a fresh yet balsamic aroma, suggestive of smoky bazaars in exotic, far-flung lands. It’s this powerful, luminous fragrance which makes frankincense the perfect choice for autumn - its bright, rich, and lingering aroma infusing your rooms with light, warmth, and colour. It’s also a natural stress-reliever – perfect for relaxing after helping the little ones with their homework. Get the scent: Winter Wonders Frankincense Candle


Picture a fragrant fruit orchard, trees swaying in the early-autumn sun, their branches sagging with a harvest of apples, cherries, plums, and berries. The scent of apple, in all its forms, epitomises the transition from summer to autumn. It’s a sweet, familiar smell evoking the pleasure of coming home after a long day of work or school – perfect for this special time of year. Get the scent: Large Apple Candle scent guide banner

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