The weather's warming and we're trying to keep our homes cool and fresh. Our beautiful fresh fragrances are designed to fill your home with stunning aromas, uplifting your mood and promoting positivity.

Each fragrance is curated to make you feel happy, excited and inspired! We've picked out a few of our favourites for a wonderfully fruity fresh home.

ceramic candle outdoors with wine and chair

Honeysuckle Blossom

We know it's important for a candle to look as beautiful as it smells. Our Ceramics Collection pairs exceptional Nordic design with finely crafted fragrances.

One of our freshest fragrances, Honeysuckle Bloom, pays homage to the sweet nectar of nature's most beautifully fragrant bloom. Exotic and calm, the blends of refreshing citrus notes and lush greenery will transport you out of your living room and onto a beach of white sands and turquoise seas.

Cocktail, anyone?

Fresh Orange Blossom

Created to bring the exquisite scents of aromatherapy practices into the home, our entire Aromatherapy Collection is made to give you a revitalised sense of wellness.

With hints of honey and dewy petals, Fresh Orange Blossom is exotic and airy. It bring you to the expansive blue skies of Valencia with an abundance of zesty citrus, crisp white blooms and the greenery of petitgrain.

Light it and give your home a fresh, floral light ambience.


Considered a pampered day out as part of your new year, new me plan? What says 'treat yourself' better than taking a day out from life at a luxury spa?

Enjoy the heavenly calm of a hidden mountain retreat from the comfort of your home. Our Alpine Spa candle exudes cool notes of pine and mountain snow, spritzing your home with the refreshingly clean and crystalline-cool of icy mountain air.

Lime, Basil and Mandarin

Looking for a cool, serene sense of freshness? Our Lime, Basil and Mandarin Diffuser is perfect for you!

Powered by the contrast of sweet mandarins and bitter limes, with the warmth of green basil leaves, this luxurious fragrance finds the perfect balance. It softly exudes a delicate train of invigorating citrus. The perfect antidote to a season of spices and sensory overload.


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