You may have heard about the layering concept in perfume, where two fragrances are worn together to create a new olfactory experience. Did you know this also works for home fragrance and it helps create a new atmosphere in your home, creating a bespoke experience unlike any other. It's so easy and to help, we've picked out some of our favourite fragrance pairings for different rooms of your home.

Living Room: Bourbon & Maple and Orange, Cedarwood & Clove

The living room needs to be inviting. A place that feels somewhat like a sanctuary, somewhere to retreat after a hard day at work. We'd go for a plush and relaxing fragrance pairing to cosy up to.

Our pick is the sweet, malted notes of Bourbon & Maple, livened up by the juicy spice of Orange, Cedarwood & Clove. Together, these scents create the impression of a richly textured blanket, under which you sit all snug and warm.

Kitchen: Linen Fresh and Magnolia Blush

The kitchen is already a fragrant area of the house, especially when you're cooking up a storm. It's vital that you don't try to overwhelm the space with strong, intense fragrances that might amplify unwanted cooking smells.

Freshness is king, with cook musks, clean flowers and zesty citrus making for the perfect combination. We suggest burning the crisp and airy Linen Fresh with the juicy white petals of Magnolia Blush. Together they create a delightfully clean, zesty air that gives the impression of a warm summer breeze blowing through an open window. Blissful.

Bedroom: Dark Rose and Oud Noir

Time for something more intense and sensual, with warmer, headier scents creating a cosy environment to retreat to. Let rich woods, bold flowers and hot spices transform your space.

Our perfect bedroom pairing is Dark Rose and Oud Noir. The jammy, neon facets of our deliciously sweet Dark Rose are given a smoky intensity by Oud Noir's leathery notes, painting the room in bold colours of crimson and black.

Bathroom: Onsen and Lime, Basil & Mandarin

Much like the kitchen, the bathroom has certain odours you don't want to amplify. It's a place where a sense of cleanliness is important and it's best not to avoid strong berries or acerbic notes like grapefruit that intensifies harsher smells. Soft and clean is the way to go.

For the perfect bathroom pairing, try Onsen with Lime, Basil & Mandarin. Together, they gently hum a pretty tune of ice-cold mint and zesty lime, almost as if you are sipping a refreshing mojito in the bath. Perfect after a long day!

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