Day 2 - Spicy

To add a little ‘heat’ to home scenting, the Spicy Fragrance Family is where you’ll find it. Warm, sensuous and full of character, spice notes weave a rich and intriguing thread through any fragrance, adding a sense of comfort as well as a hint of excitement.

The Spicy Family’s distinctive aromas make them powerful ‘scent memory’ hooks, one sniff and you can be transported to baking sweet, vanilla-infused cakes in the family kitchen or a sun drenched summer holiday meandering through streets and markets of Marrakech.

A Spicy Family note with a feel-good memory link can make a comforting anchor for home scenting. For example, Cinnamon & Clove are two iconic seasonal spices with strong nostalgic links to festive celebrations and convivial holiday cheer, perfect for wintery home scenting.

Cinnamon & Clove Candle

Or there’s the warm resinous notes of Amber & Patchouli for a touch of balmy contentment in a home setting, with honeyed tobacco and silky smooth amber notes creating a cosy feeling of familiarity. A perfect companion to a night by the fire reading. Or you can go full-out, Midnight Library, where the scent profile merges sweetly nostalgic vanilla with leather and incense for a more intense, candlelit read.

The bold aromas of The Spicy Family are good at swiftly changing the mood of a room when lit alongside your usual scent selections. Ideal for drawing a line under the working day, or creating a more stimulating and glamorous atmosphere when entertaining.

They work well as ‘layering’ scents when used in conjunction with other favourite scent profiles, to create a more personalised approach to home scenting.

Try layering the punchier notes of clove from the Orange, Cedarwood & Clove Diffuser to compliment a favourite day-time Citrus Family candle. Simply sit them together in a room and allow their aromas to blend. The warmth from the clove note acts like an invisible, soothing cashmere wrap around the mood, softening the edges and relaxing the vibe, while the orange note nudges the citrus from day to evening.

Their ability to add interest and zeal make The Spicy Family notes popular as autumn and winter room warmers, but they have an invigorating role to play in summer too. Take Pomegranate & Pink Pepper, where the fruity, vibrant cheer of pink peppercorns and the euphoric ‘wow’ experience from crushed black pepper really lifts the mood, adding a sultry, spicy glow to a warm summer evening.