Day 3 - Floral Fragrances

Florals make up the largest group of the Fragrance Families, with many beautiful blooms turned into wonderful perfume. It takes a lot of flower heads to create a floral oil, would it surprise you to know that of all the different types of roses in the world, only two, the Damask Rose (Rosa damascena) and the May Rose (Rosa centifolia) create enough essential oil for fragrance production? 

For each drop of rose oil created, 170 flower heads* are gathered at dawn to ensure those volatile notes don’t evaporate in the sun, resulting in a super-saturated hit of floral-ness. 

Choosing your favourite floral can be a little overwhelming, imagine having a giant bouquet of all the world’s flowers from which to pick. From luscious lilac to heady jasmine via softly textured lavender and sweet orange blossom - where do you start? 

To keep it simple, our selection is focussed on what we love. And to be certain each flower shines, we use the best quality floral oils to create our fragrances, allowing the most intoxicating qualities of each note to be appreciated. 

For the sultry and sensuous qualities of a rose, for example, Dark Rose creates a burgundy-velvet version of the flower, balanced with warm, earthy ambergris and a touch of sweet raspberry. Ideal for setting a welcoming and cosy evening atmosphere.

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of a cleaner, crisper floral, Lily Of The Valley offers a dew-fresh posy of white blooms with a gentler intensity, like opening your windows to the first days of spring.

It’s important to remember fragrance doesn’t have a gender - florals appeal to everyone! A favourite all-rounder is Wild Fig, Cassis and Orange Blossom, which takes the soft sweetness of orange blossom and adds in a smidgeon of wild green figs and a tang of lively blackcurrant cassis, for fragrant style in any room.

Often floral notes are combined into ‘bouquets’, to create a richer and more varied fragrance than a single note floral can offer. Complimentary flower notes are bundled together just like a luxurious garland of freshly picked garden flowers. 

For a more opulent bouquet to remind you of sultry holidays spent under tropical night skies, White Jasmine and Ylang Ylang is a luxuriously heady combination of these romantic white floral notes. Whatever your character or mood, there’s a floral - or a bouquet of floral notes - to fit, so be playful and experiment.