Day 5 - Citrus Scents

The fragrance ingredients used in the Citrus Family are all zingy and upbeat, from sparkling lemon and grapefruit, to the deliciously rounded bergamot, a citrus note popular with perfumers for its ability to blend beautifully with everything, like the perfect host at a summer party.

This sunshine-filled group of ingredients appear to have been designed specifically to make you smile, the notes have a positive, emotional energy that can be powerfully uplifting. Scenting a room with a candle from the Citrus Family can lighten your mood and these notes are often used in aromatherapy to help with energy and positive thinking.

Try lighting a No 2 Bergamot & Mandarin Candle to help start the day if you are working from home or just need a gentle nudge to get you moving. It’s a blend of mandarin, lemon and bergamot that feels like a gentle stroll through a citrus grove in Southern Italy.

Perhaps the best introduction to citrus scents is our Lime Basil & Mandarin, a best seller because not only does it smell gorgeous, it really makes you feel better. We combine a super vibrant Bahia lime with a smooth mandarin oil sourced from Osceola, which when paired with the euphoric lift from crushed basil leaves feels like sunshine in a bottle.

Vintage Aromatherapy - Lime, Basil & Mandarin

As they have such a cheery nature, notes from the citrus family are often combined with other fragrance families to add a brighter element. Perfumers take on the role of alchemists and wind the energising elements of lemon or orange around notes from other fragrance families, to add a sense of sparkle and joy. It feels a little like magic.

A good example is Grapefruit & Jasmine, which combines the floral softness of jasmine with a heady bouquet of rose and orange lily petals, sprinkled with a twist of peppy grapefruit. The green-tinged citrus here layers a welcome note of vivaciousness through the florals, adding light and energy to the scent profile.

We like to use some lesser known citrus notes from around the world to add extra interest to our Citrus Fragrance Family, something we can do because we’re an independent fragrance house and our perfumers have access to a large range of ingredients. Lavender & Chinese May Chang, for example, uses a beautiful Chinese citrus, the may chang, which has a green, herby-citrus note. Combined with soft textural lavender and sweetly resinous rosemary, this makes for a beautifully fresh scent